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Syam AOV Cover

Syam's AOV System Log Book is a log book suitable for AOV and Smoke Control Systems with up to 12 zones.  It is A4 size with a laminated cover for durability.


There are sections to record the regular testing by the Duty Holder or their appointed person, and there are sections for recording any faults and the investigation or repair of each reported fault.


A record of service visits and periodic inspection & tests completes a comprehensive record of all work undertaken on the system.


For the system itself, pages at the front of the book cater for information about the system, the control panel, and associated equipment.  This includes information about ancillary devices such as rain, wind and temperature sensors, fire alarm interfaces and manual controls.


For multi-zone systems, the cause and effects arrangements can be detailed for up to twelve zones together with other trigger inputs such as from a fire alarm system.


These pages at the front of the book, when filled in, provide an overview of the system's operation which is conveniently to hand for anyone testing or inspecting the system.


Part Number: AOV/LB12 


Automatic Opening Vents and Smoke Control Systems are provided to automatically vent an escape route so that smoke is reduced within the building so that building so that people can evacuate more safely.


They are critical fire-safety systems and just as important as any other fire detection or fire suppressing system.  They must be tested and maintained properly and this is a legal obligation for the owner, operator, freeholder, or management company that is the Responsible Person or Duty Holder under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


People are generally less familair with AOV and Smoke Control Systems than they are with fire detection and alarm systems, so it is important that anyone testing these systems has adequate instruction.


As these systems are provided as a life-safety system, it is important that all faults are repaired within a resonable period and this is best arranged through a maintenance contract.


Syam's AOV Log Books, like our fire alarm log books, help Responsible Persons & Duty Holders meet their legal obligations for record keeping.