Available from electrical wholesalers throughout the UK

CalCard provides a solution for electrical professionals to verify the accuracy of their instruments between formal calibration checks.


In the UK, the monthly procedural test to verify the ongoing accuracy of their equipment has become an integral part of the the compliance requirements for electricians with all industry regulatory and health & safety bodies.


CalCard is simple to use and accepted by all industry regulatory bodies as a method of verifying continuity and isolation measurements.



Calcard provides a series of resistors that are used to validate that the test instrument is still measuring correctly a range of values for continuity and isolation.  This meets the specification found in Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) released Revision A of EAS 15-362 - Electrotechnical Assessment Specification.


Endorsed by the NICEIC and ELECSA, CalCard has a good reputation as a reliable way for electricians, technicians and competent persons to verify the ongoing accuracy of their test instruments between calibration intervals.



With a new instrument, or with your instrument having been calibrated, use the CalCard to make baseline measurements.

These can be recorded on the back of the card, ideally using a fine fibre-tipped pen, and a clear plastic cover is provided with which to cover and protect the results.

At regular intervals the instrument can be checked against the baseline measurements to prove that the device remains sufficiently accurate for its purpose.