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The Emergency Lighting Log Book is a specific document and its role, and its contents, are defined in BS5266 Part 1: 2016, and it is necessary for premises' operators to conform to these requirements in order to meet their legal obligations.


BS5266-1: 2016 states that the Emergency Lighting Log Book should contain certain essential information so that persons conducting regular testing and, in particular, engineers conducting periodic tests, have this information provided to them where they need it, i.e. in the log book.


These include:

Individual test record for each emergency light.

Record of faults and repairs.

Designer's details and system specification by area.

Landlord's details, occupier's details.

Details affecting any shared or communal escape routes including information on who is responsible for what.

BS5266 Statement of the Emergency Lighting Designer.

BS5266 Confirmation statement of the Responsible Person.

Decommissioning information.


Syam's emergency lighting log book has sections to detail all the information required by BS5266-1 in easy to complete and understand forms.  These will be completed by the relevant parties for new installations or by your electrical contractor when carrying out a periodic test for existing systems.


The easy to understand tick-box system enables the record of the test and inspection for each luminaire to be recorded by non-technical staff.  It is a requirement of BS5266 and the emergency lighting product Standard EN60598 that there is a test record for each individual luminaire to demonstrate that they have all been checked including those located within infrequently visited areas.


Syam's ELB/SC160 has a test record for up to 204 emergency lights, a test record for a central battery system or static inverter, along with all the certificates needed to design, install and commission an emergency lighting system.


An 'Adoption Certificate' is included so that an existing emergency lighting system can be assessed against current requirements.


Syam's ELB/SC160 is a professional document designed to assist end-users to meet their obligations for life safety systems in all types of non-domestic premises both large and small.  It is easy-to-use and easy-to-understand and many thousands are currently in use by customers throughout the UK.

Syam's ELB/SC160 is a professional Emergency Lighting Log Book compiled for use by all types of organisations.