Available from electrical wholesalers throughout the UK
Syam CERT-ELP1 Cover

Syam's CERT/ELP 1 is a pad of ten, A4 sized , two-part, self-duplicating periodic inspection and test certificates for emergency lighting systems conforming to BS5266 Part 1.


Designed for manual completion, they are suitable for conforming, non-complex systems that are typically found in pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, HMOs, offices, workshops, retail stores, blocks of flats, and all types of premises where the emergency lighting system is free from variations and deviations from the Standard.


Being a single page certificate, and have a tick-box system for comprehensive assessment of the emergency lighting system, it os both quick and straight forward to complete.


Part Number: CERT/ELP1



Most certificates on the market are based on the "Model" certificate in BS5266-1.  The "Model" certificate covers a broad range of factors including variations, deviations, alternative methods of illuminations, etc. which makes it suitable for complex systems in premises where the emergency lighting does not strictly follow the Standard.


It is a "Model" certificate and not a "Prescribed" certificate therefore it may be adapted, particularly as much of its content will not apply to the majority of premises in UK.  Syam's certificate covers the types of emergency lighting system that most electrical contractors will come across on a day-to-day basis.