Available from electrical wholesalers throughout the UK

When we introduced our emergency lighting and fire alarm log books in 2005, Syam changed the way that these books looked and how the records were kept.


After many years of working in the life-safety systems market, and having worked with engineers, contractors, and building managers, we thought that we could make the process of testing and record keeping easier to understand and still conform with Standards.


It worked, our books quickly became the "standard" log book for these types of systems within the professional electrical market, and they remain so today with many thousands sold each year.


The concept that led to the success of our first books has been continued with our other publications, they provide a useful reference for testing and periodic inspections, whilst ensuring a simple to understand and use test regime for non-technical personnel.


Printed Log Books are a reliable, low-tech solution for all types of systems, especially for the non-technical people who have to live with, and test, these systems.


Books are not dependent on WiFi signals, they do not loose their memory or need charging up, the records are easily reviewed, and books are easily shared.  And, if the supplier stops supplying, you still have the book and therefore you still have your records.


Our Mission


Our mission is to demistify technical systems and make them easier to understand.  If they are easier to understand, they will be easier to test.  And if systems are easier to test, they are more likely to be tested.


Regularly tested systems are more likely to be maintained in good working order and, therefore, more likely to operate properly when they are needed.  And, in the case of life-safety systems, lives may literally depend on it!