Available from electrical wholesalers throughout the UK

ELB/SC160 Emergency Lighting Log Book.  A4 Format.

For recording the testing & maintenance of an emergency lighting system with up to 200 luminaires, also includes a test record for a central battery or static inverter.

Includes design, installation & commissioning certificates plus an adoption certificate for taking over the maintenance of an existing system. £11.99 each plus VAT

FAB/16Z Fire Alarm Log Book.    A4 Format.

For recording the weekly testing of a fire alarm system with a control panel: BS5839 Part 1 and Part 6 Grade A systems.  For mains/battery detectors see our FAB/LLB log book below.

Includes design, installation, commissioning, acceptance and a modication certificate plus quarterly and annual service certificates for 3 years.  £14.99 each plus VAT

PAT/LB100 PAT Testing Log Book.  A4 Format.

To record the visual inspections and PAT testing of up to 100 appliances.  The details of each appliance are entered once and then tick boxes are available for 5 to 10 years depending on the test interval selected as being appropriate.  A disposal record is also there to demonstrate WEEE compliance.

£10.99 each plus VAT

DIS/LB1 Disabled Alarm Log Book.  A4 Format.

For the regular inspection, testing, battery replacement and maintenance of up to 6 disabled alarms.  These alarms can have their ceiling-pulls tied up to make them unavailable, batteries are not replaced, or things are stored to restrict access.  This log book encourages regular inspection and compliance with the DDA.  £6.99 each plus VAT

CCTV/LB30 CCTV System Log Book.  A4 Format.

This log book enables a record of a closed circuit television system's servicing, faults and repairs for all types and makes of system with up to 30 cameras.  It also has an Incident Log so that operators can record date, time and time-codes of notable events so that the recovery of images at a future date is made easier.  £8.99 each plus VAT

ALB/100Z Intruder Alarm Log Book.  A4 Format.

For recording the functional testing, servicing, faults and repairs of all intruder alarm systems with up to 100 zones.  Sutable for all makes and types of system, this log book caters for remote key-pads, card and key-fob readers, mag-locks and all types of intruder detection and alarm devices.  £8.99 each plus VAT

ARB/REC Accident Report Book.  A4 Format.

This simple to use accident report book can be used to record reportable accidents and those serious enough to fall under RIDDOR.  Each report can be completed to demonstrate that the employer's investigation has been done. Ideal for all types of leisure, retail, residential, commercial & industrial businesses including temporary locations such as building sites. £4.99 each plus VAT

ELB/36W Electrical Installation Log Book.  A4 Format.

A log book to record information about the electrical installation served by a board with up to 36 ways.  So often premises are missing drawings and this useful book ensures there is information to hand.  There are sections covering maintenance and modifications to reduce investigation times for fault-finding or periodic inspections.  £9.99 each plus VAT

CERT/FAP6 Pack of 10 Installation Certificates for BS5839 Part 6.  A4 Format.

Pack of 10 self-duplicating certificates for mains & battery domestic & HMO type smoke, heat & CO detectors.  A BS5839 Part 6 installation certificate should be issued to the client each time these types of detectors are installed.

£6.99 each plus VAT

FAB/LLB Landlord's Log Book for Mains & Battery Smoke, Heat & CO Detectors. A5 Format.

This log book is for recording the regular testing of detectors in dwellings & HMOs and also for recording the 6 monthly inspection & test by a responsible person.  At the six monthly interval the battery must be changed if it is unlikely to last for a further six months. 

£4.99 each plus VAT