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SYAM is the best known brand of log books for electrical systems in the UK and our products have been used in tens of thousands of premises since our business started publishing log books in 2005.


Our products are stocked by electrical wholesalers & specialist fire and security distributors throughout the UK.  


Syam's log books are compiled by engineers with experience, expertise and Competence.  UK fire safety legislation demands that anyone providing services for fire safety systems is able to demonstrate their Competence*, and this legal requirement extends to companies or individuals producing log books for fire safety systems such as fire alarms and emergency lighting.


Building owners and operators are not expected to be fire safety engineers, or fully understand the extent of the information they must record, and that is why UK fire safety legislation makes it the log book producer's legal responsibility to be sufficiently Competent to know what is required in a log book to meet the relevant Standards.  


As trained and qualified fire and life safety system engineers, with Syam, you can be assured that we meet our legal obligations as a producer of log books for fire safety systems.




When a customer buys an emergency lighting log book they are not just buying a book.  They have an entirely reasonable expectation that the supplier is providing them with something that meets their legal obligations for record-keeping under UK fire safety legislation.


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and equivalent legislation in Northern Ireland and Scotland, references BS5266 Part 1 as the minimum Standard that emergency lighting systems should conform to.  Within this Standard, and other Standards that it in turn references, there are specific requirements for the information that must be recorded in the system's log book so that a person testing the system, or a Competent person inspecting or evaluating the system, has this essential information available.


Our ELB/SC160 emergency lighting log book provides sections and information that enables our customers to meet the requirements in full.




There are few systems in a typical premises that are as important as the fire alarm system for saving people's lives.  It is vital that these systems are properly tested and maintained, and it is also important that record-keeping meets the owner's or operator's legal obligations.


As with emergency lighting, legislation is in place that dictates what those records should be.   It is more than just a test record.   Standards, such as BS5839-1 produced by BSI, ask for specific information in the log book so that an engineer, fire officer, or other authorised person, inspecting or reviewing the system, has sufficient information for them to be able to make judgements about the system's ongoing suitability.


Having sufficient information and records to make informed assessments of a fire alarm system's suitability is absolutely essential in maintaining and improving fire safety.   It is so important that it is a legal requirement for every premises with a fire alarm system to maintain these records.


Syam's FAB/16Z provides sections for recording all of the information that is required in the fire alarm log book.




Our other log books, whether they be for PAT Testing, CCTV or Intruder Alarm Systems, are compiled with the same care and expertise so that they each provide maximum value and ease-of-use for our customers.


*Competence is defined as having sufficient and suitable specialist training and qualifications.